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Punta Monterrey Wedding- Gabo & Melissa

Gabo & Melissa got married in the amazing resort Punta Monterrey Beach Resort Hotel, near the beautiful town of San Pancho. It was one of the funniest weddings I have ever been. They decided to just invite "cool" people to their wedding and also the vendors must had a good vibe for them . So everybody waiters, Dj, hostess, wedding planner , preacher and guests where with an incredible good mood almost the whole time . The atmosphere was beautiful, a hidden resort in the middle of the jungle with no WIFI or cellphone signal , we just focusing in the moment in front of our beautiful Pacific Ocean. Ceremony was a mix of religious, mayan and just what came to their hearts, beautiful speeches . As usual it was a pleasure share this experience with the talented videographer Steo Colombo. We cover from early morning on Saturday to the next day around 5am! The wedding was amazing we couldn't went early even thou we finished our "work". Next days we went to take a photo session on a boat near Mismaloya and we also went to a nice river "Rio Eden". I really love this beautiful experiences.

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